Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a Collectair print catalogue?  

Click HERE to download a catalogue in high resolution PDF format.  We also have available on request a very large A4 colour cataloge folder with descriptive leaflets and details of signatories on most prints. It costs £5.00 including postage. To order a copy by post please call 01362 860890 or click HERE to email your request.

Where is the current Price List?

Click HERE to download our latest price list. This overrides any other price information anywhere.  

What is a "Remarque" print?  Why are they so expensive?

A Remarque print has an original pencil drawing by Michael Rondot added to the print border.  They are especially prized by collectors for their rarity value and personal touch and can be ordered with a drawing to suit your personal requirements. Double Remarque prints have at least two large detailed drawings added to the border.  In most cases, remarque drawings can be added to older prints.  Please contact us if you are considering this option.

What is an "Artist's Proof"?   Why do they cost more than regular S/N prints?

Artist’s Proofs are prints from an edition, often with extra signatures or a small sketch added. They command a higher price because there are fewer of them and the addition of extra signatures or a small drawing enhances their value to collectors.

What is a "Publisher Proof"

These are the last prints from an edition to be released by the publisher. Most are reserved for presentation or donation, but a few may be made available to collectors. They are sometimes produced as individual giclée prints on watercolour paper in a very small artist-signed reserve edition.

What are "Canvas prints"?

These beautiful artist-signed prints on canvas replicate the look and feel of the original oil painting. The image size is usually 30x20 inches, and with only a few issued with each edition, they are often fully subscribed. Many of our sold-out early editions are available as giclée prints on canvas, priced at £300.00. Contact us for more details.

How much is Postage and Handling?

Post and packing costs £8 PER ORDER within the UK, £10 PER ORDER for overseas air-mail. Prints are dispatched in strong postal tubes with a free complimentary colour catalogue, a certificate of authentication and where available, a list of signatures and a colour leaflet with historical notes.

Do you offer a Framing Service?

Yes, a bespoke framing service is available for any print for £85.00 including packing in a carton, or £60.00 collect in person. Choose from a distressed silver or brown frame with a cream black-core mount, glass and all fittings. Framed prints are sent in a strong carton and arrive ready to hang and display.  For individual requirements, please contact us.

Is there a guarantee?  What happens if things go wrong or my print is lost or damaged?

Our trusted mail-order service enables us to guarantee safe delivery of your prints anywhere. In the unlikely event of damage or loss we will replace items free of charge if stocks allow, or offer a full refund.  Similarly, if you have a very old print that is showing signs of fading through sunlight damage, we will replace it free of charge if stocks allow.

Is "collectair" Michael Rondot's official website?

YES. is Michael Rondot's ONLY official website. If you find our prints for sale on any other website you are visiting the website of one of our art-trade dealers.

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