A Remarque print has an original pencil drawing (“remarque”) by Michael Rondot on the print border outside the image. The drawing is signed and dated to authenticate it as an original, adding to the value of the print. In most cases, a Remarque drawing can be added to older prints. Please contact us for advice.


Mike Rondot Remarque


Remarque prints are especially prized by collectors for their rarity value and personal touch and can be ordered with a drawing to match personal requirements. For example, individual aircraft types or squadron badges and personal service history can be added. Please contact us to discuss any special requests for presentations or personalising prints.  We update our Facebook work-in-progress page regularly with examples of recent remarque drawings. Click Here to view. 


Remarque drawing by Mike Rondot        Example Michael Rondot Remarque



Please call and speak to us regarding prices and availability - 01362 860890